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You Can Talk to Me is a Visual Novel experience in the style of a dating simulator. Please note that it is not, in fact, a dating simulator.

BETA DEMO NOW AVAILABLE!! Please visit our kickstarter to play.

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If you don't have time to play the demo, here's EvilGuacamoleGaming's LP.

Check out our development blog Last update 31.05.16

There are no typical "bad" endings or "good" endings.

You play as Ordell, a 20-something year old guy that is trying to navigate a recent tragedy in his life.

Guide him through his life and decide on its outcome.

I am in a library.
That's good.
My name is Ordell Harrison and I am good at libraries.
I'm not very good at anything else.

Talk to Me Story

Due to a recent tragedy in Ordell's life he fell to the "emotional bottom" and he needs help, your help!
It's up to you to help him on his journey through life and maybe even find the love of his love. Or maybe not.

Main characters:
Evan Park
Evan is the librarian.He is one of Ordell's only friends in town. He's mostly really nice, and everyone likes him, but even Evan has his secrets…

Jasmin Rosales
Jasmin is a bartender at the Lucky Lounge.
Some people would say she's pretty shy, but mostly she's just really exhausted. She works a lot. So you better be interesting if you want her to spend any of her precious time talking to you.

Summer Holiday
Summer is an event planner.
Fun and bubbly, her fun demeanor usually makes people forget that Summer is one of the most ambitious driven people out there, despite her complicated past.

Liberty Lee
Liberty is a PhD candidate in physics. She's kind of shy and very career driven, but super smart and hilarious, just when she's not studying.

Alayna Lott
Alayna is a park warden.
She's a current biology student and she spends her free-time lobbying for endangered species, trying to get people to clean after themselves instead of littering, hanging out with Evan and defying expectations.

Side characters:

Sylvian is Ordell's best friend. Ordell's a bit jealous of him, because he seems to have his life completely together. But Syl really worries about him...

Rhiannon used to be an important person in Ordell's life, before everything went to hell. She doesn't like him at all, but it's not like she speaks to him, so he can't ask her why

Key game features:

• Over 85k words of interactive fiction. The game can be completed in one sitting, but can also be saved for your convenience. One full playthrough should take anything from 2 up to 4 hours •

• Nearly 600 unique encounters. Different encounters will be available to you depending on the choices that you make •

• 20 different outcomes See how your choices have affected Ordell's life •

• Extensive cast of characters •

• Full HD resolution •

• 20+ CG's •

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Content warning for parental death and depression.

One more thing: The demo is incredibly branchy, so you should probably save a lot before you make every choice.

Install instructions

Unzip into the same folder and play!


Talk to Me Demo


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I've tried to download this multiple times and it never works, although it still shows up in my downloaded games with the "Install" option by it.

Download link is broken :(